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Rose Music Hall Presents

A Double Wide Xmas

Bubbles & the Comancheros + Dyno Claus & the Roadkill Reindeer + B-Roc Gardner

Saturday, December 23

8:00pm Doors |

9:00pm Show


All ages.

Merry friggin Christmas from the trailer park everybody. Supply and command says we gotta throw a big friggin party in the double wide. We’ve got all the stuff for a pretty awesome time and we’ve been burying the hatchet at both ends trying to get all this stuff together. Number 1, Dyno Claus is comin with a band of ratty reindeer and you can like tell him what you want for christmas or whatever. Mrs. Claus told me to say that people can bring white elephants. Sounds stupid and I figure it must be a north pole thing and she’s had so many friggin drinks she doesn’t know where she friggin is. Number 2 or 5 or whatever number we’re on is Bubbles has been practicing Skynyrd covers in the shed with the Comanderos and he’s won’t stop friggin talking about playing our party. I guess we’re gonna let him or he’ll friggin freak oot on everybody and take his sweet stage lights down. B-Roc is gonna kick everything off early cause he’s owes us money, which is a total catch 23 becuse Julian said it was already water under the fridge. So now thats finally out of my brain compartments and departments, it doesn’t take rocket appliances to know that its gonna be like a tropical earthquake blew threw the park. Its Christmas. Which means its time to have some friggin drinks with your friends and family. You don’t even have wear kayhackies neither. Just whatever you normally wear in the park. Its an open floor policy becau​se its $5 to get in and I’m supposed to say its for a sharable cause.

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