Rules & Procedures

We’re open with a reduced capacity and protocols to ensure a safe environment that follows city approved guidelines. And we need your help too– please make sure to read through our house rules thoroughly before coming to a show. Things will look different for a while, and we’ll continue to adapt as new information and guidelines are released. Please be good humans, be respectful, be understanding, and we’ll get through this together.  Please know that we’re doing whatever we can to help bring Columbia’s vibrant music scene back to life, and we thank you in advance for your support and understanding.



  • All ages (more on that below)
  • No dogs (dogs are too pure for us to resist pets!)
  • No bags / clear bags only
    • Small bags okay (that do not exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″)
  • Practice social distancing of 6ft away from others
    • Entry lines: markings will be placed on the ground through the parking lot and sidewalk to identify 6ft spacing, please use them.
    • Seating: All seating is reserved, so please purchase tickets with your group to ensure you’re seated together (more on that below). All reserved seating groups are spaced at least 6ft apart.
  • Enter through the normal gate entrance in the front of the building and exit through the gate in the park onto the sidewalk.
  • Minimal contact payment options will be used whenever possible. While cash will be accepted, we do urge you to use non-cash options.
  • Please use portapotties on park grounds (inside Rose will be closed).
  • If purchasing a ticket with cash, we will ask for your name for contact tracing purposes. If purchasing a ticket with a credit card, our system will automatically capture that info.
  • For the safety of other patrons and our staff, if you do not feel well, or if a health concern prevents you from safely wearing a mask, please stay home.
  • Due to the mask ordinance in Columbia and in the interest of the safety of our staff and community, masks are required for entry at Rose Park.  Once you are inside the park, we ask that you wear your mask any time you are moving about the space, and not at your seats.  We want to keep our doors open and continue to host live music in the park, so it is especially important to wear your mask when interacting with our staff. 


Tickets are in groups

Groups are seating locations with occupancy limits.  These assigned group locations denote a maximum occupancy of 2 or 4. You are not required to fill all seats in your seating group, but you are required to purchase all tickets in the group. (You can purchase a location that can seat up to 4 people just for yourself if you like). If your party contains more than four humans, you must purchase an additional group.  All seating is assigned to a particular location, so we advise you to consider your group size before making your purchase, as it is often possible to purchase two groups next to one another. You can check out the ticketing map here.



We’re excited to again be an all ages venue!  Please carefully review the house rules as these rules apply to all humans, regardless of age.  Parents of tiny humans: please ensure that your tiny humans can follow the rules before bringing them to a show.  With respect to all patrons (regardless of age), if members of a group are not following the safety protocols as outlined by the health department and venue management, we reserve the right to ask all members of the group to leave. So, if it’s tough to keep little Parker in an 8×8 square, or for them to wear a mask for an extended period of time, it might be best to keep little Parker at home until they can roam the property freely again!



  • Sanitation stations will be placed throughout the park (use them!).
  • Temperature checks of all staff will be required at the beginning of every shift.
  • All employees will be required to wear masks. Employees that need to interact with customers will also be required to wear gloves. All employees will also be on a hand washing schedule.
  • Staff will be required to take additional training on advanced cleaning, sanitation and safety protocols.
  • We’ll be using only plastic cups to eliminate glassware surface contact.
  • Bar lines will be separated to encourage distancing.
  • Scheduled sanitization to include cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, railings, handles and equipment. This will occur before staff arrival, upon venue closing and between staff use.


Disclaimer on health restrictions

We closely follow the safety guidelines approved by the Health Department. These protocols are subject to change when new information is received, which may occur between the time you purchase the ticket and the day of show. This includes and is not limited to: face coverings, curfews, social distancing, approved event capacities (and subsequently your assigned location on the map). Truly, we hope things improve for all our sakes! We are nevertheless committed to a safe and comfortable concert experience. If there is a change in theCity of Columbia or venue safety guidelines, and you no longer want to attend the show you’ve purchased tickets to, please notify us by emailing within 48 hours of the public notice to request a refund.

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